Like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and original Evil Dead, there is a question of just how good you’d want The Dead Next Door to look. The movie was famously filmed on 8mm and that has been part of its legend as a miracle of a completed zombie film. Fortunately, the new Arrow video Blu-ray does justice in preserving The Dead Next Door as it always was.

It does have a certain beauty in a 2K restoration. You see the film grain like old home movies, but they’ve been transferred to an HD format with no loss of quality. There’s even still a little vibration like a film projector and soft focus remains soft. That’s film, baby! I love seeing the video store shelves stocked with horror VHS tapes, and bright red blood and gore in the original 4:3 ratio. This looks better than hazy movies shot on digital for DTV release.

A wealth of previous bonus features have been ported. Those looking for the newly discovered and restored features should know they’ve been assigned to the DVD disc included in the package.

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