DC TV: We Are Back and Bad Ass!

WHAM! ZAP! KAPOW! Network shows, based on characters from DC Comics, are coming back next week. And that makes me smile! We need a little escapism more than ever right now. Though technically, Gotham has been back for three weeks, and Lucifer came back this week.   In addition; iZombie, Black Lightning, and Krypton won’t debut till next season. But the ARROW-verse shows are all back next week, so sit back and enjoy. Because now they have to recover from their season finale cliffhangers!!!

Monday: October 9th – Supergirl is back!

As you recall, after a battle royale with Mon-el’s evil Mom, played with gusto by ‘Lois and Clark’ alum Teri Hatcher, Mon-el was banished from Earth. Mainly due to a genetic lead allergy. (Just go with it) So now Supergirl is feeling lost and mopey without her new love. And to make matters worse, Mon-el’s spaceship was swallowed up by a black hole. So surely he’s gone for good, right?… Don’t bet on it. My guess is that he took a trip to the future. And he’ll probably be back later in the season. Maybe even in costume.

Tuesday: October 10th – The Flash and DC Legends of Tomorrow come back.

On The Flash, as I’m sure you recall, Barry Alan and the gang defeat Savatar, the God of speed. But that evil speed demon turned out to be a messed up version of Barry in disguise.   So Barry has to battle himself, as well as his own inner demons. But the good news is that good Barry wins that fight. Iris is safe, and all is right with the world. But hold on, Caitlin is still Killer Frost, or a version of her. And Barry gets banished into the speed force forever. Yikes, So how does the Flash get out of this one? Because we know he does.

On DC Legends of Tomorrow, Rip leaves the group. I guess he’s a little upset about the wave-rider gang breaking time.   The last we see of them is in a reality where present day Los Angeles is all futuristic and funky, and overrun with dinosaurs. This is Jurassic Park for real y’all. So what is our time traveling compadres going to do to fix things? And can they do it without Rip? Only ‘time’ will tell. – see what I did there?

Wednesday: October 11th – Riverdale comes back for all you Archie fans.

And yes, I know it’s not a DC Comics show but is a show based on a comic book. And I kind of dig it. So I’ll just say this; some masked man shot Archie’s dad, and he may or may not be dead. And while Archie says he loves Veronica,  it’s only too obvious that he still has feelings for Betty. Oops, I think I’ve said too much.

Thursday: October 12th – Arrow comes back, minus flashbacks I hope.

After all, that show has a ton of supporting characters to deal with that are more interesting than Oliver’s 5-year flashback obsession. Or does it? In the Arrow cliffhanger; all his friends and family were kidnapped and taken to his old island prison. Then the island blew up. POW! Who survived? I’m pretty sure Felicity did because it’s not like that romantic subplot hasn’t been beaten to death. And I saw the battling Black Canaries in the new season trailer, so they made it off the island alive. And I think Diggle and Quentin Lance are still alive, as are Wild Dog and Curtis. But did Thea and Merlin die? And what about Oliver’s baby-momma? I guess it’s wait-and-see time. (Oliver’s son wasn’t on the island when it went ka-boom.)

So what are you excited to see next week? Let me know in the comments section below. And don’t forget: KEEP YOUR EYES ON DC-TV!!!!!!!!!

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