Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 1 Review!

I usually don’t review Legends because it’s more of an action-comedy than a superhero show. Don’t get me wrong, the show is fun to watch, but the characters that have super powers rarely use them. I wanted to update you because this year their world has changed a bit. If you saw their season finale, you know that Rip Hunter left the group, presumably for good, just before a herd of T-Rex show up in modern-day Los Angeles. Big Ben is also a part of the Los Angeles skyline, so time was definitely mucked up, and the Legends are to blame.

The Legends pulled a time-travel no-no, by showing up and confronting themselves in the past. I guess that’s bad, like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters. But the new season picks up almost immediately after they arrived in the bogus Los Angeles timeline. And just before a hungry dino eats them, Rip Hunter shows up in a suit and crew cut and saves the day. We find out that Rip has formed his own elite time-police team that is similar to the ‘Men In Black’ organization. They even have the flashy things that erase people’s memories. The only real differences being that Rip’s team are all pompous jerks. And they hate the Legends.

The Legends get fired, and they all return to rather boring lives. The only one that attempts to be a superhero is Citizen Steel. He tries fighting bad guys in Central City, the home of The Flash. But he’s not fast enough. (We see Kid Flash arriving and stealing his thunder.) So the Legends reunite and steal the Waverider from Rip’s team. Then they go on a mission to return a wayward Julius Caesar to his rightful time and place. Proving to Rip that they are unorthodox, but effective. So the Legends get their jobs back. But Rip and his team will be keeping an eye on them. SO STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Amaya and Nate broke up and she went back to Africa. But when you see Amaya at the end of the episode, her powers have changed. Instead of acquiring the abilities of an animal, her eyes glow and she can summon an animal’s spirit form, and that spirit animal can then attack people. Yeah, that’s new! So instead of fighting, Amaya stands there with glowing eyes, as animal spirits rip into some poachers. What’s up with that?

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