The Flash Season 4 Episode 1

I love The Flash, but I hate season finale cliffhangers. Because, when the new season rolls around, all those problems need to be resolved before the show can return to its fun self and move forward. At he end of last season; Barry surrendered to the Speed Force, leaving normal reality forever. And forever is a long time. But we know Barry has to come back, the show is named after him. So Team Flash has to find a way to bring The Flash back. Mainly because of a big bad Samurai Warrior, who looks like a Power Rangers villain, threatens to level the city if The Flash doesn’t come out and face him.

It’s been six months, a little short of forever. But Cisco has figured out how to get Barry back. He modifies the speed cannon from last season. And when he fires it, Barry is knocked out of the speed force, emerging bearded and naked. That has to be embarrassing.   Also, bearded Barry is a bit of a whack-a-doodle. What he says doesn’t make any sense, and he is continually drawing strange symbols on the walls as if he’s trying to work something out. So Cisco, with Caitlin’s help, tries to work out what’s wrong with him.  Wait! Is Caitlin back, or Killer Frost?

Caitlin, by the way, was found tending bar at a sleazy tavern.   She claims to be her old self again, but won’t explain how that’s possible. Last time we saw her she was the not-so-killer Frost. Does she still have her powers? We don’t know, because no one wants to press her for more of an explanation. And Julian isn’t there for her to talk to because he went back to England. (That’s code for; he’s no longer on the show) Which is a shame because he was a great addition to the team. I guess now Caitlin will have to find yet another love interest.

Joe is still a cop, and he’s about to let his girlfriend move in with him. I hope she realizes what she’s getting herself into. Because I‘m betting that by the midseason hiatus she’s either kidnapped or killed. That’s how things go on The Flash. And Wally tries to smooth things over with Super Samurai, by wearing Barry’s suit and pretending to be him. But the Savvy Samurai sees right through that ruse, stabbing Wally in the leg. He gives Team Flash a few more hours to find the Flash, then he’s going to destroy the city.  YIKES!!!!!

Back at Star labs, Iris is trying to figure out what to do next. She’s kind of the boss now. Though I personally think she’s more bossy than boss. Iris comes up with a bold plan, and then acts on it, without warning the rest of the team. She gives herself to the Samurai, as a hostile, hoping that the befuddled Barry will see that she’s in danger and snap back to his old self and save her. Well guess what, Iris’ plan works. Barry snaps out of his haze, puts on his new suit, and speeds off to save iris.  The new suit is definitely comic book red, and closer to the classic Flash costume.  And as for this episode’s big bad Samurai, he’s a robot.  He was programmed by The Flashes next big villain, The Thinker!  So what’s next for our speedster?  STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!

LAST WORDS:  Caitlin’s been taking some cues from The Hulk.  You don’t want to make her angry.  Because when she’s angry she reverts to Killer Frost, and you might not survive that.  I thought they were going to merge the two personalities, but they haven’t, yet.  They’re both still fighting for control of the one body.   I wonder how long she can keep that secret from the rest of the team?

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