Supergirl Season 3 Episode 1

Supergirl’s back and most of you missed it. The ratings for the premiere episode were pretty bad, which isn’t good for the show’s longevity. So if you’re a fan, you need to tune in pronto. Here’s what you missed: Six months have passed since the finale, where Mon-el was banished from Earth due to lead particles released into our atmosphere, and Kara is still at her pity party. She’s aloof and moody, and so focused on being a superhero she’s forsaken her friends, and her life as Kara Danvers. She’s not even concerned about Alex’s pre-marital conflict with Maggie. Though in all fairness, that issue is relatively minor and easily resolved.

The good new is that crime is down 60%.  But the bad news is that Kara’s job at Catco is in Jeopardy. James Olsen is once again in charge, because Cat Grant is the country’s new Press Secretary. So we see her on TV giving speeches, but Cat Grant isn’t really a part of the show, and that’s too bad. Snappy Carr also appears to be gone, as James has taken over the newspaper side of things along with his other responsibilities. And James is a little miffed that Kara still hasn’t turned in her latest assignment; an interview with Supergirl. So Kara is supposed to write a news article about herself. Isn’t that a conflict of interests? Or at the very least it’s Fake News.

Morgan Edge joins the show as the greedy billionaire willing to do anything to turn a profit. He’ll even blow up the slum-like docks, with an invisible submarine, to move forward with his heartless renovation plans. But luckily Supergirl is there to stop him. As a bad guy, Edge is the poor man’s Lex Luthor. But that frees Lena Luthor up to advance from possible villain, to Kara’s best friend. Lena even buys Catco, to stop Morgan Edge from acquiring it, making her Kara’s new boss. Talk about having friends in high places. But getting back to the disgusting docks. When we finally see the area, it appears to be pretty nice, pristine in fact. So what’s up with that? Note to Location Scouts: Read the doggone script!

“Kara Sucks!” At least that’s what Supergirl says about her secret identity. She’d rather work as a superhero 24/7, than deal with the loss of her boyfriend, as Kara. And that’s pretty upsetting for Alex, and the rest of her friends. They miss the geeky girl reporter. But Kara is still dreaming about Mon-el, and she isn’t ready to stop wallowing in self-pity just yet. And oddly enough, she’s also dreaming about her dead mother, who is now being played by Erica Durance in too much make-up. She played Lois Lane in Smallville. But by episode’s end, Kara gets over her depression; reunites with her family and friends, and things get back to normal.

But Kara isn’t the only one dreaming about her mother. We meet the season’s big bad in this episode. And though she appears to be an ordinary single Mom, we know that ‘Reign’ is destined to become so much more. After all, she’s a refugee from Krypton too.   But when she dreams about Kara’s mom, she sees her as a monster. I’m sure we’ll find out why when Reign fully embraces her evil nature, later this season. And I wonder if that means her pre-teen daughter has super powers as well. I guess we have to STAY TUNED!

LAST WORDS: There were three tributes this episode to classic Superman moments from Film and TV. 1. We see Supergirl hovering over the city listening for trouble. Like Brandon Routh’s Superman did in ‘Superman Returns’. 2. After a torpedo explosion, we see Supergirl floating unconscious under water. The way Henry Cavill did in ‘Man Of Steel’. And 3. We see Supergirl confront Morgan Edge. The way Superman confronted Lex Luthor in the ‘Lois and Clark’ pilot… Good Job! Those moments made the episode special, for me anyway.

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