THE FLASH Recap: Mixed Signals

The Flash is back and everything is right with the world, almost. It seems that while Barry was off in the Speed Force, he somehow forgot that there is no ‘I’ in team. And now he pretty much does his own thing, causing more harm than good sometimes, which really aggravates Team Flash. And it’s a team that is now being run by Iris West.   So his new independent spirit at work already upsets his fiancé. But then when Barry makes all their wedding plans without consulting Isis, she’s had enough. Whoa Barry, you are in trouble now. So it’s time to super speed over to couple counseling.

But that’s not the only problem in Central City. There’s a new bad guy in town killing people. Plus, Cisco totally flakes on a date with Gypsy. I mean, he is working with Team Flash and the CCPD, but when your badass girlfriend transverses alternate realities for you, you don’t leave her hanging. Especially when it’s her Universe’s equivalent to Valentine’s Day.   Oh Cisco, you in trouble now too!

So while Cisco and Barry deal with their personal issues, a new baddie arrives on the scene and causes havoc. He can control technology, and he’s using his meta-ability to settle a few scores. Joe and Barry discover that the perpetrator created a new App with three of his tech friends, and they stole the idea and made billions, leaving him with a whole lot of nothing. So no wonder he’s so disgruntled. And now that he has this new superpower, he intends to kill those three bad friends, unless the CCPD and Team Flash can stop him.

Side note: Captain Singh is back, and it’s good to see him. Barry and Joe never seem to go to work anymore, so you almost forget they’re cops. And Singh was also about to get married, so I hope they go back to his wedding subplot.

Anyway, Barry has to super-speed out of couples counseling to save Joe from a live grenade. Which is one way to avoid an uncomfortable situation. But when he returns, he learns that Iris is resentful of the fact that Barry makes big life decisions without talking things over with her. Paramount being the decision to saunter into the Speed Force with Mom and leave Iris forever. BLAM! Chew on that speedster! So now that Iris has gotten that off her chest, the healing can begin. Which starts with better communication.

And speaking of communication, Cisco and Gypsy haven’t been so good at that either. She never told Cisco about the Valentine-like celebration on her Earth, Earth-19. So he had no idea he was blowing it that big by bailing on their date. So suave Cisco makes it up to her, and now everything is right with the world.

No wait! There’s still a tech killer out there. And unfortunately for Barry and Team Flash, his new brighter suit is chock full of new technology. So when The Flash and Kid Flash speed in to catch the bad man, he takes control of Barry’s suit. And he can control the scarlet speedster like a puppet.

So the first thing he does is have Flash zap Kid Flash, neutralizing him. Then he has he has our hero battle himself. So Barry has a super ‘stop hitting yourself’ moment. And that’s when Iris tells him to use his lightning throw on himself. Which would hopefully short-circuit the suit’s tech. But the downside is that the electric jolt may also kill The Flash.

Needless to say, the electric jolt does not kill The Flash, and the suit’s tech is knocked out of commission. So The Flash is able to corral the bad guy and set all wrongs to right. YEAH! Now he’s listening. But there’s one thing bothering Joe and Barry. How did the guy get super powers in the first place? He wasn’t there when the particle accelerator blew up years ago, like the other meta-humans. But unfortunately the bitter guy’s not talking. Though the one thing he does spill, is that he’s not the only one that recently got powers. And he warns that these others are coming to Central City. SO STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: I have also included two cool things below. The first is a link to the Video Review & After Show by The Nerd Reports’ very own Luis Lecca. And the second is the promotional trailer for next week’s episode: Luck Be A Lady… ENJOY!


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