I don’t know which is harder to wrap my head around; Bruce Wayne as a vigilante Badass, or Bruce Wayne as Gotham’s newest Bad Boy. Neither persona fits well, its like a boy trying on his Dad’s suits. But at this point you either you go along with it or you don’t. Bruce is still in a funk. He was the cause of a kid’s death, and he straight up killed Ra’s Al Ghul. So he gives up being a vigilante, at least for now, and converts to being a rich and entitled Jerk. He falls in with the wrong crowd, and even barks at Alfred. And that man is a saint!

Speaking of vigilantes, Selena has also donned a mask, which makes her look even more like the Catwoman we know and love. But her motives are suspect. She’s not really trying to be a hero. She’s dressed to impress her former colleagues.   Barbara is feeling a bit abandoned, now that her boyfriend Ra’s is out of the picture, so she closes up shop, leaving Tabitha and Selena out in the cold. But Selena isn’t ready to call it quits, so she puts on the mask to pull off a heist. Her plan is to prove to Barbara that they’re as relevant as they ever were, in hopes that she’ll reconsider and put the band back together.

But Selena isn’t Catwoman yet, and though she makes the cash grab from the local biker-baddies, she gets trapped in their lair, unable to make her escape. So she has to Call Tabitha and Barbara for back up. And while Tabitha is willing to help, being a caring mentor, Barbara refuses to interfere, letting her twist in the wind. Or so she says! Tabitha goes in to rescue Selena, and almost gets caught herself. But! At the last minute, Barbara intervenes, killing the thugs. She saves the day, takes her cut of the cash, and voila, these ‘Birds of Prey’ are back in business.

Meanwhile, at Gotham’s Pyg party, the GCPD is still trying to track down the cop-killer. But this time they have Penguin’s help, which really pisses Jim off. Though at least Jim finally gets off his high horse and admits that in the past he’s been a bad cop too. And he also acknowledges that he’s partnered with Penguin in the past. Thank you producers for not glossing over the past three seasons. Jim was beginning to sound extremely hypocritical.

Our Pyg Pal steps up his game. He begins to target every cop in the GCPD, except Jim. At first he was only after the cops on Penguin’s payroll, but now he’s pretty much put everyone on the naughty list. And now that everyone’s head is on the chopping block, metaphorically, the Gotham Police actually come together for once. They form a united front, and abolish Penguin’s Crime Licenses, choosing to stand with Jim and Harvey as real law enforcement officers. And it’s about time. STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: We know Lady Falcone is only pretending to be The Penguin’s friend. But we don’t know what her ultimate scheme is yet. And you kind of feel sorry for the guy. Penguin lost Fish, Butch, his Mother, his Father, and his friendship with Jim Gordon. And when Penguin told Ed Nygma he loved him, Ed shot him in the chest. Talk about rejection! And now that Penguin’s facing yet another betrayal, it’s painfully obvious that he just can’t catch a break when it comes to relationships. No wonder he’s turned to a murderous life of crime. It’s not an excuse, but come on guys, maybe it’s an explanation.

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