New JUSTICE LEAGUE Promo: Superman?

I am a DC Fanatic!  And I hope and pray that the film is as good as all the promotions, posters and pictures we’re getting for Justice League.  And DC has unleashed a Superman promo that’s way cool, but also way vague.  It doesn’t give anything away regarding the Man Of Steel’s involvement, or noninvolvement in the film.  He “died” in Batman v Superman.  So will he or won’t he be in Justice League?  They’re still not officially saying.  Which is cool because when BvS was coming out, people complained to anyone that would listen, that the official ad campaign gave away too much.  But for Justice League, they’re keeping things under wraps.  (Though if you are a spoiler junkie, you can scour the internet for clues that will enlighten you.)  But I’m content to discover things as I actually watch the movie.  Go to the website below for the spoiler free promo, narrated by Lois Lane…

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