GOTHAM Recap: “Stop Hitting Yourself”

Back in Gotham’s Fight Club, Solomon Grundy learned a new trick, ripping his opponent’s arm off and beating him to death with it. And as the bludgeoning gets bloodier, the crowd yells; Stop Hitting Yourself. And that’s how our episode got its title. Pretty clever! But Grundy is also starting to remember stuff about being Butch. And that wouldn’t be good for his friend Ed Nygma, since Butch hates Nygma, and he would probably kill him for exploiting him as Grundy.

Penguin also hates Ed Nygma, because before each Grundy grudge match, Ed rallies the crowd by mimicking Penguin and making him look like an idiot. Penguin hears about the little show and sends Selena, Tabatha and Barbara down to kidnap Ed and brings him back for execution. And that’s when things get complicated. Tabitha sees Grundy and instantly recognizes her little love monkey, and wants to help Butch remember who he is. Barbara also sees someone she knows, Goth Lee, and they just have to play catch up.

Meanwhile, thanks to Lady Falcone, Jim Gordon has been offered Harvey’s job as Captain. And at first Jim acts like he doesn’t want the job, because taking it would mean backstabbing his best bud. But Lady Falcone knows Jim better than he knows himself, and predicts that he’ll turn on Harvey and take the job by sunset. And low and behold,  Harvey misses an emotionally charged meet-and-greet with the cops who were shot during the last Pyg Party. Remember that Harvey sent them into the ambush, and even accidentally shot one of them himself. So instead of facing the music, Harvey turns to alcohol, leaving Jim to take his place. And this prompts Jim to turn on Harvey, take his job, and send him packing. What a difference a day makes.

Now Jim is Captain of the GCPD! A position he’s wanted all along. But even drunken Harvey recognizes that Jim’s new position comes with a price tag. And one day soon, Lady Falcone is going to demand payment, if Penguin doesn’t kill her first. You see, Penguin’s finally beginning to realize that the lady is only pretending to be his friend. And Oswald isn’t looking to play the fool a second time. He was burned by Ed Nygma once, a man who claimed to be his friend and then tried to kill him. So if Penguin has his way, Lady Falcone isn’t long for this world.

Back at Gotham’s Fight Club, Selena, Tabitha and Barbara kidnap Ed, but the Fight Club patrons wont let them take Ed back to Penguin. So Tabitha is going to have to fight Grundy to get Ed and take him back to Penguin for execution. Though Tabitha is confident that Grundy won’t hurt her, because deep down he’s still Butch, Then Grundy clocks her, almost taking her head off, and she realizes that she’s got a fight on her hands. But during the brutal melee,  Grundy starts to remember her, easing up enough for Tabitha to get the upper hand. And she knocks him out.

The girls claim Nygma. But before they can take him back to Penguin, Firefly shows up to kill them all, Penguin’s orders. He’s not a patient man. There’s a scuffle, and Lee shoots out Firefly’s propane tank, and Barbara kills the head of Fight Club. Since she was the one who ratted them out to Penguin. Then Barbara, Tabitha, and Selena let Nygma go, and take off, feeling no need to do Penguin any favors. Though Tabitha assures Grundy that she’ll come back for him. And by process of elimination, Goth Lee becomes the new head of Fight. I wonder when Jim’s going to find out. STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: There was no Bruce or Alfred this week, and I didn’t miss them. But we did see Lucius Fox for a quick minute. And Pyg, that dastardly Police predator, also took the night off. I guess he needs time to plan his next attack. His last one went well. And according to Lucius, he didn’t leave any clues. So this Pyg is clever. We’ll have to wait to see who else’s head is on the chopping block. But we only have to wait a day, because Gotham is back tomorrow.