The CW’s Crisis On Earth-X Part Two: What happened?

You made me cry CW! One member of the Earth-One team dies, and it’s emotional, heartbreaking, and a game changer. As you recall, a group of our heroes were kidnapped and taken to Earth-X, which is a world ruled by the Nazis. While Cisco and another group of heroes were locked up in the Star Labs pipeline. And Supergirl is about to become an unwilling organ donor. The only two people still free and viable are Felicity and Iris. What are they going to to do?

On Earth-X; Barry, Oliver, and the rest of the gang are about to get mowed down by a firing squad, but are saved in the nick of time by Captain Cold and The Ray. They are the heroes of Earth-X, and a couple. This Captain Cold is a lot kinder and gentler than the criminal version we’re used to, but he still gets the job done. And his better half, The Ray, is basically a flying flashlight times one hundred. And with their help, our team on Earth-X are able to battle the Nazis and fight their way back to good ole Earth-One, but there’s a casualty. Professor Stein is shot.

On Earth-One; Iris and Felicity are able to climb through the corridor-sized air ducts and cut the power to Star Labs before the Reverse Flash can cut out Kara’s heart. Evil Kara needs a transplant before she dies, and or explodes. But before Iris and Felicity can get Kara to safety, Metallo shows up to stop them, looking like the Terminator skeleton with a hunk of Kryptonite for a heart. And despite the fact that he looks like a bad special effect, he’s a badass. But that’s when the rest of the Legends show up to help save the day, lead by Ray Palmer, the Atom.

The two teams reunite on the Waverider, and that’s when the tears started flowing. Because Professor Stein is dying, and saying his last goodbyes to Jefferson Jax, the other half of Firestorm. Jax and Stein are like father and son, which makes the moment touching. But Stein is also leaving behind his loving wife, his newly discovered daughter, and his newborn grandson.   And without Stein, Jax can no longer be Firestorm. That’s the game changer I was talking about. So is Firestorm dead too, or will they find a way for Jax to flame-on solo. We’ll have to watch Legends to find out.

In the big final battle there is cool action galore, along with some glaringly obvious CGI moments. The battle between the Supergirls looks a bit cartoonish, but it’s still good. They don’t have feature film money after all. And as expected, the bad guys lose and the good guys win. And there is a great Superman II Easter Egg: The good Supergirl flies up to the bad Supergirl’s ship and asks her to step outside.   The same way that Superman called out General Zod in Superman II.

Everyone attends Professor Stein’s funeral, then go back home. Leaving Iris, Barry, Oliver and Felicity alone to contemplate. Then Barry and Iris decide to just get married right then and there, without a big ceremony. So The Flash races to Star City and scoops up John Diggle to officiate the nuptials, since he is ordained. Then Barry and Iris give their touching vows, but before they can say their I do’s, Felicity and Oliver decide they went in on that. So Diggle marries both couples. Now Barry and Iris are married, as are Oliver and Felicity. That was kind of a twist, and a game changer for Arrow.     So they all kiss and live happily ever after, or at least until they get back to their own shows next week.   STAY TUNED!!!

THE LAST WORD: I think the crossover was a success. It was fun to watch and there were some actual consequences this time around. I already miss Professor Stein and wonder how they’ll replace him. I heard Constantine would be stopping by Legends for a visit. I wonder if he’ll stick around a while. And I hope they find a way to power-up Jax, because powerless Jax is just boring… And Earth-X Captain Cold didn’t go back to Earth-X with his boyfriend, The Ray. That makes mwonder about his future. What’s his plan? I guess we have to keep watching to find out.