Then why do these colorful characters from the future look like every other faux-leather clad character in the Arrowverse?  The show’s costume designer seems to love dark and drab, and bad white wigs.  If you thought the villainous Livewire looked like she was wearing a halloween fright wig, wait till you see Supergirl’s version of Brainiac 5.  I know black leather has been considered cool since Fonzie sported that  jacket on Happy Days, but isn’t enough enough?  The legion costumes don’t even try to mimic the comic book creations.  I know the colorful costumes from the comics would have looked Kitsch, and a bit cheesy, but wouldn’t it have been interesting to imagine that COOL in the 30th century was so totally and colorfully out of step.    Pictured below are; Mon-el, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac 5… Meh!

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