Blade Runner 2049 Blu-Ray Review: Dream of Bonus Electric Sheep

The original Blade Runner was one of the first Blu-rays I ever saw. The restoration of 1982’s details really sold me on the HD format. now, Blade Runner 2049 expanded the world of the future, and the Blu-ray expands the possibilities of HD visuals.

You see the stark colors of Blade Runner 2049. The gold haze of Vegas is still heavy and Wallace’s office sterile and empty. You see all the detail in the desert sand and junkyard clutter, plus the gooey replicant fluid. This is the widescreen version. An option for the open IMX frame would be nice, since they did fill it.

The design feature is only long enough to scratch the surface of the designs of Blade Runner 2049. It explains how it evolved from the first movie and they brought back Sid Mead, but it feels like there’s an in depth Apendices style edition coming.

The cast feature is a lot of recapping the characters but each one has an interesting insight on the actor’s or Denis Villeneuve’s part. The prologues certainly look better in HD than on a computer or phone.

If you still need Blade Runner 101 you probably didn’t buy this Blu-Ray. Maybe you’re trying to convince a newb to watch it with you so it can bring them up to speed.

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