That is a long title! I’m guessing The Plague is ‘Green Light’, the new drug in town. The drug dealers are offering up freebies of the new narcotic to get kids hooked on the stuff. And once addicted, they’ll do anything and pay anything to get more. That’s why Black Lightning has to up his game. And in this episode Black Lightning learns how to fly. Using the new suit Gambi made for him, Jefferson Peirce can channel energy through his hands and propel himself like a rocket. It’s a cool trick, quickly becoming Peirce’s new favorite thing. But is that new power killing him?

Since Peirce has been using the new suit he’s had bad headaches, and after his new flight trick, Peirce passes out. Luckily he goes for his unscheduled time-out in the Lightning Liar, the secret room in Gambi’s shop. Gambi calls Lynn, Pierce’s ex-wife, because she’s a doctor. And they get Peirce back on his feet. And as it turns out, something that regulates the power in the Black Lightning suit is scrambling his brain. But luckily Gambi knows how to fix it. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Black Lightning is too angry to wait for the upgrade. So when B.L. goes out to find the bad guy, it’s no real surprise that his suit shorts out, along with his powers. And Black Lightning endures a pretty bad beating before he inevitably goes down and out.

Black Lightning was angry because he finally found out that Tobias Whale is still in the picture. And Whale killed Jefferson Pierce’s father, Alvin Pierce. So no wonder the news about Whale’s return is so aggravating. Pierce is so angry he can’t think straight, because now it’s a revenge thing. That’s why he doesn’t listen to Gambi and wait for the suit’s repair. Unfortunately, when anger overcomes common sense, you end up having to learn things the hard way. Thus Black Lightning gets a beat down from a common thug. How the mighty have fallen. And we also learn that Tobias Whale is a lot older than he looks. He took some kind of immortality drug back in the day. And I’m guessing his equally evil sister took some too, since they both look to be about the same age.

The cool thing about the show is that the bad guys have a reason for being bad. Tobias Whale, an albino black man, was raised by his abusive dad. The man, a drunk, verbally and physically abused Tobias and his sister. He treated young Tobias like a freak and a monster, often calling him those names when in a drunken rage.   And even as an adult, Tobias can’t get past all of the past abuse. Until his sister tracks down their father, and the go pay him a visit. Tobias and his Dad exchange words and then hug it out, but not in a good.   Tobias bear hugs the man, breaking his back, and then he leaves dear old dad on the kitchen floor to die in agony. I guess that’s considered closure, if you’re a cold-blooded killer.

Anissa we love you. When she finally decides to don her own superhero outfit, she does it up right. She ditches the black leather look and adopts a more colorful persona. She goes to a costume shop and selects a stretchy blue and pink unitard and a blonde wig. So she’s both eye-catching and identity-hiding at the same time. Anissa has been doing a lot of research into how she got powers. And that trail leads her to her grandfather, Alvin Pierce. He was a reporter that was killed after uncovering info on young people who had abilities. She gets Alvin’s old notes from his old publisher, who warns her against investigating any further. But Anissa won’t be swayed. That’s why she got the superhero make-over, so she can investigate while undercover, and kick ass if necessary. But if you recall, Tobias Whale killed Alvin Pierce, Anissa’s Grandfather and Jefferson’s Dad. So at some point, Anissa and Jefferson will cross paths, and I can’t wait for that to happen. So STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORD: It was cool to see Antonio Fargus again. He was the editor in tonight’s episode, and is best known for playing Huggy Bear, on Starsky and Hutch… And speaking of nostalgia, though we already know that Anissa will someday get a costume that resembles the one worn by Black Lightning. It’s nice to see her start out in something more original and colorful, like the outfit her character wore in the comics back in 2003…And what about Gambi? Tobias Whale comes into the shop to pay him a visit, and it turns out that they have history. But Gambi pulls a gun on Whale, so their past association was obviously not a pleasant one… And speaking of two characters having history, come to find out that Black Lightning and the Police Chief had a Batman/Gordon dynamic going on. Who knew?

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