THE ORVILLE: Where Are You?

The Orville has NOT been cancelled.  In fact, the silly Star Trek wannabe actually did a lot better than expected.  So where is it?  The good news is that the series has been renewed for a second season, and instead of 12 episodes there will be 14.  So all you Orville fans can do your happy dance now, before you read on, because there’s bad news too.

The Orville probably won’t be back until 2018, an entire year from now.  What! What!  Word is that season two will take that long to make, because of the special effects etc… But that doesn’t make any sense to me.  Star Trek:The Next Generation’s season one had twice the episode count of the Orville, and it didn’t take an entire year off before season two aired.

So Seth Macfarlane, what’s the deal?  Maybe you’re too busy doing The Family Guy to prioritize The Orville, but your fans are waiting.  And while the show feels almost like a parody sometimes, it has it’s charm.  I just hope that when season two finally does make it back, the fan’s haven’t forgotten it and still give a damn…   Come back little Orville, we miss you.