Wally West, also known as Kid Flash,  made his debut Monday night on Legends.  But if you blinked you may have missed it.  That’s an exaggeration, but not by much. During the last 30 seconds of the episode, Rip Hunter finds Wally West meditating in China of all places.  And he proclaimed that he needs Wally’s help to save the Universe.  And that’s it.  His intro was short and sweet, but now I’m looking forward to next week.  And why China?  I’m guessing the producers wanted to save some money, so they filmed this segment at the same time they filmed Barry Allen dropping his inmate friend off in China a few episodes ago on The Flash. It looked like the same location.

The episode was mainly about Zari having a groundhog day experience that helps her connect with her fellow teammates.  Zari has been moody her entire time on The Waverider, and I’m guessing this is a move to make her more likable. After all, Legends is all about the character dynamic, and she wasn’t fitting in.  The team already has a lovable grump named Mick Rory.  And Zari was quickly becoming more annoying than endearing.  So now she’s seen the light and wants to be a team-player.  Hopefully, for her sake,  this attitude adjustment isn’t too little too late.

LAST WORDS: Kudos to the writers for referencing GROUNDHOG DAY, and the STAR TREK TNG episode CAUSE AND EFFECT,  since the story was pretty much an homage, or total rip-off , of those two stories.  Next week there will be pirates , and hopefully more Kid Flash… Stay Tuned!!!!