If you’re one of the 14 million lucky people that own a switch, chances are you are playing Super Mario Odyssey. With Nintendo announcing a whopping 9 million units sold as of February this year, it’s become one of the all stars in the Nintendo Switch lineup.

But many fans of the Mario franchise have wondered where his brother, Luigi, is in the game. Luigi has been a staple in most of the Mario titles ever since Mario Bros. in 1983, acting as a veritable second player. Since then, Luigi has sprouted a distinct look (he’s slightly taller and more slender than Mario) and has owned his signature green color.

But players, fret not! Nintendo has snuck in a new update Friday that features Luigi in…wait for it…a hide and seek contest! Involving balloons!

It certainly isn’t a huge update, but definitely gives a little variety in the hit game. In it, players can meet Luigi in any of the worlds and he will give you a balloon that you can hide and your friends get to find it. There’s a little guide as it does tell you how close you are to the balloon (if you’re the one seeking). But you have to find the exact location.


And the good news is…IT’S FREE!


Go download it…now. Just do it.



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