I’ll start with the good stuff. Due to a misunderstanding, two heroes fight, and they’re related. After gearing up to use her powers to bring down a racist statue, Anissa’ s confused about her place as a superhero. So she turns to her Mom for help. But unfortunately, when she goes over to talk to Lynn, Anissa finds that there’s a robbery in progress that needs her attention. Anissa, super strong and invulnerable, easily dispatches the thugs threatening her Mother. But that’s when Black Lightning shows up. Lynn initially called Black Lightning for help. And now it looks to him like Anissa is the one threatening his ex-wife. So Black Lightning goes on the attack.

The fight was great! Neither hero knew the identity of the other, so they both gave it their all. Anissa’s punches sent Black Lightning flying, and for the most part, she was also able to deflect his lightning attacks. But in the end, Black Lightning amped up the juice and fried Anissa, leaving her down and out. And when BL turned over the body to get a better look at the blonde assailant, that’s when he realized that he had just taken down his own daughter. Whaaat! Needless to say, Jefferson Pierce was mortified. And Lynn was none too happy either. She was bound and gagged during the melee so all she could do was watch, horrified, as the father and daughter fought.

Gambi comes to the rescue, in the company van, whisking Jefferson, Lynn, and Anissa away from the crime scene. He’d done the same earlier, helping Jefferson after a suit malfunction left him dazed and confused in an alley after a fight. Lynn is distraught as she nurses Anissa back to health. Earlier she had expressed to Jefferson how much dealing with the whole Black Lightning scenario stressed her out. And now she finds out that her daughter has powers and a secret identity too. Lynn is in shock. And she’s not the only one. When Anissa wakes up, still smarting from the fight, Black Lightning is there to comfort her, without his mask. So now she knows that her father is Black Lightning,

If you aren’t watching this show you’re missing out. It’s great. In this episode we also learn that Gambi knows the infamous Lady Eve. In fact, they appear to almost friends. So what’s that all about? Did Gambi make a deal with the devil to protect the Peirce family? It looks that way. And remember, he’s also got history with Tobias Whale. So Gambi is spinning a web of lies that could unravel at any moment. And what about his checkered past? Was he a good guy or a bad guy? And is he a good guy or a bad guy now? And how will Jefferson react if he finds out what’s going on? I guess only time will tell.

Also, what about Khalid, Jennifer’s boyfriend? He was a track star and a good kid, before a thug’s bullet paralyzed him. Now he’s bitter and angry, and blames Jennifer for his woes, because she convinced him to go on the Freedom March that got attacked. And Tobias Whale befriended him, as a way to get back at Black Lightning. But how is that supposed to work? At first I thought Whale intended to use him to hurt Black Lightning’s reputation. Since Black Lightning couldn’t save Khalid from that bullet. But Whale promises Khalid that he’ll walk again, and have power. So does Whale have something more sinister in mind for Khalid? Is he Tobias Whale’s Frankenstein’s Monster?  STAY TUNED!!!!!

LAST WORDS: Will Jefferson and Lynn have a family powwow and let Jennifer in on what’s going on? I hope so. Because now that they know that meta-human abilities can be passed from parent to child, Jennifer may have to deal with being a super someday too. In the cartoon and comics, Jennifer Pierce does acquire lightning-based super powers. So hopefully they will at least give her a head’s up… And Jefferson wants to kill Tobias Whale, because Whale killed his father. Will his thirst for vengeance lead to disaster? He’s already acted in haste, which almost got him arrested, and or killed. And will Father and daughter become a crime fighting team? I guess we have to wait and see…

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