This episode was the bomb, literally! There were no Meta-Humans this go round, just a terrorist trying to make a deadly point. She sets off a nuclear bomb in Central City before the flash can stop her. So the entire episode is from Barry’s prospective as he moves super fast to try to figure out how to save the city. Luckily, he’s not the only speedster around; he’s got Jessie Quick and Jay Garrick around to help. So, as the speedsters do their thing, they are moving so fast that everyone and everything else look like their frozen.

Is Flash Time like Hammer Time you ask? Well no, it’s not.   Flash TIme is when the speedsters are moving so fast they are operating within the Speed Force. And they can talk to each other and react normally, even though they are moving so dang fast in relation to the outside world. And Barry discovered, during his trial, that he can bring a non-speedster into this bubble of time with him. He moved at super speed to stop Iris from revealing to the judge that he’s the Flash. Then when he touched her, she found herself in the Speed Force, able to communicate and react with Barry normally, even though the rest of the world appeared frozen.

Barry is the only speedster, we know of, that can bring someone into Flash Time. And he brings Cisco in so that he can breach the exploding bomb to another Earth. But Cisco’s vibe powers don’t work in Flash Time. So he lets Cisco go back to being frozen. Then he wakes up Killer Frost, so she can cool down the reaction. But again, powers don’t work in Flash Time. Though before he lets Frost go back to real time, she asks him to save Caitlin. Finally showing a softer side.

The only other option appears to take the exploding bomb into the Speed Force, to let it explode there. But Jay warns that the bomb could destroy the Speed Force, which would render speedsters throughout the multi-force powerless. And it could destroy the entire multi-verse. But Barry wants to do it anyway, since he’s not a big picture kind of guy. But Jay stops him. Then they come up with the notion that if the three speedsters throw lightning bolts at the bomb it would stop it. But when they try, Jay can’t get up enough speed to toss lightning. Being older, he’s too tired from all the super speeding around. And he eventually slows and falls out of Flash Time, becoming frozen with the rest of us normals.

Jessie Quick is also slowing down, which will eventually expel her from Flash Time as well. So she super speeds over to be with Harry, her father. They’d been feuding, but if she has to die, she wants to be with her Dad. How touching!  But now Barry is all alone, and he doesn’t know what to do. So he goes to say his goodbyes to Iris, bringing her into Flash Time. But she figures out a way to save the day, using lightning from within the Speed Force itself to stop the bomb. So while Barry saves the day, Iris is the one who figured out how to do it. Remember, “THEY” are the Flash.

Jay goes back to Earth-3 to possibly retire after training a female speedster to take his place. Jessie and Harry reconcile. Harry shares a touching moment with Jessie as he uses a device on himself that allows Jessie to see into his mind. So she can experience what her mother was like (She died before Jessie was old enough to know her). And Caitlin remembers how scared Killer Frost was for her. And this is the first time she’s remembered anything about her time as Killer Frost. Which makes sense, because they aren’t two separate people fused together, like Jax and Professor Stein were. Caitlin has a split personality disorder. So maybe it’s time she got some counseling.

LAST WORDS: This was great. There was no DeVoe talk, or meta-humans. And we got to see Jay Garrick and Jessie Quick again. On the down-side, Ralph was a total no-show, and when Jay went down-and-out and they needed another speedster, nobody mentioned Kid Flash. I know he’s on a time-ship somewhere, but Jessie, who didn’t know all that, could have at least mentioned him as an option… But Jessie and Wally will meet on Legends in a week or so, so all is forgiven… I liked this episode, even with Iris saving the day. And she’ll have even more time in the hero limelight next week, when she becomes a speedster… Stay tuned. Here’s a preview…

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