KRYPTON Review: The House Of El

Actually the house of El is pretty small. There’s only one person in it and he’s about to change his address. But we all know that Seg-el isn’t going to abandon his birthright in exchange for status and power. He is Superman’s Grandfather after all. Though at the very least, he is tempted to seek revenge for his parent’s death.

But Seg’s new friend Adam Strange, and his best friend Kim, convinces him that an eye-for-an-eye is not the best rate of exchange. So Seg-el doesn’t renounce his name, or kill Krypton’s chief magistrate. But he does become part of the science council, regaining his status. And just in time too, because we find out that Brainiac isn’t on the way to Krypton, he’s already there!

This was a good episode. Though they still haven’t explained yet how Adam Strange speaks fluent Kryptonian, or how he can survive in a Kryptonian atmosphere. Or, how little Lyta Zod went from the wimpy fighter in the pilot who gets beat down pretty easily and knifed through her hand, to the fighting behemoth in this episode that took out a fighter twice her size and strength. Her Mom looks like she’s ready to rock Rocky, but Lyta ain’t cut from the same cloth. And the way the fight sequence was staged made for some phony looking fisticuffs. There are ways a smaller fighter can take down a bigger and stronger one, but they didn’t bother to incorporate any of those moves in this sequence.

And what about the ‘other’ woman and man, Nyssa-Vex and Dev-em. Dev-em is bound to Lyta and seems to really care about her. He’s tough as nails. But as a soldier he’s supposed to be. Will she buck tradition and dump him to be with Seg-el? And Nyssa was really nice this episode. She’s bound to Seg-el, and he at least likes her now. She stole his parents ashes and gave them back to Seg, so that he could give them a proper burial. As perceived terrorists, that wasn’t supposed to happen. But in a twist, we find out that this was a ploy that Nyssa came up with to gain Seg’s trust. And now that she has it, who knows what she’ll do. So Stay Tuned!!!!

LAST WORDS: Are they incorporating too much superman canon too soon? We’ve got the Fortress Of Solitude, and a hologram of a beloved dead relative that walks around in it like a spirit guide. And there’s also a version of the Phantom Zone. And point of order, Grandpa-el says that it’s all for Seg, not Seg’s father or mother. I guess Grandpa-el didn’t have much faith in his own son’s ability to carry on his work, because he turns everything over to Seg-el, who was about 10 year’s old when Grandpa got executed. I guess confidence skips a generation… And who is the voice of Rao?! The masked individual seems to appear when and where you least expect them to. And is he/she protecting Seg-el, or just being 2 x 2 faced? Yeah, I went there…  (That’s me and Seg-el, hanging at WonderCon.)