Remember last week, when Brainiac sent a probe to Krypton? Well that probe had a biomechanical parasite in it, and it attaches to Rom. She’s a single Mom, and Seg-el’s friend. But when the parasite activates, it transforms Rom into a killing machine. Then she sucks up information and transmits that intel to Brainiac.  And now he’s keen on coming to Krypton to collect what he wants, and destroy the rest.

This was a good episode. And the plot is definitely moving along at a good clip. They’re not dragging their feet.   Adam Strange’s zeta-beam generator is broken, so he’s stuck on Krypton for a while. The Zeta-beam is how he zaps around the galaxy. It’s a comic book thing. And Lyta Zod killed a fellow officer last week, in hand-to-hand combat, and she’s dealing with that. And she’s also trying get the troops, under her newly acquired command, to handle the unranked in a more humane fashion. But I’m afraid that means that Lyta is flirting with treason.

The voice of Rao isn’t Brainiac, or an operative of Braniac, like I first suspected. But I still think that when we find out what’s behind that mask we’re in for a surprise. I noticed that the robes, gloves, scarf, and mask of Rao, cover the entire body. So an otherworldly alien could be hiding in plain sight. But whatever Rao is, he/she is angry. Black Zero tried to kill Rao a few episodes ago, and that threat is still out there somewhere. Which is why the voice of Rao is coming down so hard on the chief magistrate, causing the house of Vex a lot of grief.

LAST WORDS: All in all, our weekly visit to Krypton has been enjoyable. I know diehard fans may not like some of the liberties they’re taking with the comic book mythology. But I’m okay with it. They’re telling a different story, and I’m willing to go along to see where the journey takes us. But I do have a question: Is Kandor the only city on Krypton? They haven’t mentioned any others yet, which is odd. And what’s up with the harsh badlands around Kandor? Is the planet already experiencing the telltale signs of doom? I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch to find out…

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