GOTHAM Review: The Joke Is On All Of Us

So, as it turns out, Jerome isn’t The Joker, his identical twin Jeremiah is. You know Jeremiah, right? He’s the character that appeared out of nowhere a few episodes ago, apparently to allow the Producers to save face. Remember, they told us that Jerome was not going to be The Joker. But guess what? Jerome became the popular fan favorite.  So to have their cake and eat it too; they created a new character, played by the same actor who brought the disturbingly insane Jerome to life.  Then they had the new guy doused with laughing gas, so he’d be just as maniacal as the old guy. And thus, Jerome dies so that Jeremiah can live on in his place. And if you’re asking why go to all that trouble, you’re not alone. It was more like a copout than an interesting plot twist.

So long live Jeremiah! And though it’s implied that he’s The Joker, who knows if they’ll ever officially give him that moniker. But Ed Nygma became The Riddler, and Butch became Solomon Grundy, and Oswald Cobblepot became The Penguin, so maybe The Joker will make his official debut.   And as for Jerome, he was on top of a building and fell to his death, trying to escape the police. Jim Gordon tried to save Jerome, despite everything he’s done. But Jerome ignores his outstretched hand, choosing to have the last laugh. So Jerome’s dead again, and this time I think it might stick. And his big plan, to drive Gotham mad via a blimp filled with laughing gas, is dead too. Thanks to Penguin.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Gotham; Barbara still has that glowing hand thing, and now, she thinks she’s reincarnated royalty. Yeah, she’s gone over the edge. And while Tabitha tried to talk her down, all Tabitha got for her trouble was a back alley beat-down. Though some weird guy was watching the whole thing, and promised to help her somehow. But who he is remains a mystery. And speaking of a mystery, where did Alfred get the money to give Bruce that bulletproof hotrod for his birthday. Can you say Batmobile? So either Alfred got a huge bump in pay for coming back to work, or he used Bruce’s money to buy Bruce’s gift, which I don’t have a problem with. After all Alfred’s put up with, it’s the thought that counts.

LAST WORDS: Who knows where Gotham is headed. It has a few episodes left to let Jeremiah’s freak flag fly… But it’s on the renewal/cancellation bubble, so it has a 50/50 chance of going either way. And like I’ve said, I hope it survives at least one more season; to tie up some dangling subplots. The Gotham they’ve created is an interesting gangster-world that’s lost somewhere in time. But the creators seem to get lost in their own creation, floundering occasionally, because Gotham doesn’t have Batman to anchor it, and keep it focused. But it’s been a wild ride. So keep your finger’s crossed Gotham fans, because we should know one way or another real soon.