THE FLASH Review: The Losing Streak Continues

This episode was heartbreaking! Team Flash hasn’t saved one single bus meta-human so far, and that losing streak continues.

I don’t know why Iris has been sidelined as leader, but Barry seems to have taken over the reigns, with his recent my-way-or-the-highway attitude. And he seems to have forgotten how often he’s made selfish and irrational decisions in the past when it came time to save his Mom, and then Iris. He totally warped time, on purpose, for his own selfish gain, which created an alternate timeline. People died, and some were changed forever. On Earth-2, Barry was told not to interact with folks, but he did anyway and that Earth’s Joe West got killed. And last season he was willing to do anything to save Iris from a murderous version of himself. And he’s not even the one who saved her life, H.R. saved Iris by sacrificing his own life. Yet when Ralph floats a plan, albeit a deadly one, Barry acts like he’s got the only right answer. And guess what, all the bus Meta-humans die, and Ralph’s body gets taken over by DeVoe, so he may be dead too.

Wow, last week they were doing fart jokes, and this week everybody is dead. And DeVoe zaps Caitlin, taking away her super cold powers, so R.I.P. Killer Frost too. What the heck people? This isn’t even the season finale! Aren’t Heroes supposed to save people? And while I know that can’t happen all the time or the show would be boring; but as it stands now, DeVoe leads with twelve captures/kills, and Team Flash has zero saves!  And here’s a question I hope they answer: What about The Bus Driver? They showed him in a flashback of this week’s episode. He must be a meta-human too. There were thirteen people on that bus, not twelve! So did DeVoe overlook the Bus Driver? And if so, can he be the key to stopping DeVoe? Come on Team Flash, you need a win, and hopefully, you’ll get a big one!

LAST WORD: Harry fried his brain when he used dark matter on the thinking cap, a move that DeVoe predicted. Did it increase his brainpower or cause brain damage? …Where is pregnant and telepathic Cecile? She hasn’t been in the last few episodes at all. And what’s up with that storyline? Why does Cecile have powers? And will the baby have powers? And while Joe has professed his love for his baby-Mama, why haven’t they tied the knot yet, or even discussed it? …And Barry lost his job a while back. Will he be reinstated when the whole DeVoe stuff is sorted out? I miss Captain Singh and the CCPD… And last but not least; Will Wally West , aka Kid Flash, return for the season finale? Now that Caitlin is defrosted, the team is down a man and could use his help.  But Next week Captain Cold returns for the last time ever.  That sounds ominous.  Let’s hope his head’s not on the chopping block too.  He’s supposed to be getting married…