GOTHAM Review: Dead Man Walking

They have finally just embraced the show’s ridiculous nature and raised Ra’s al Ghul from the dead, as a zombie.   I often rant about how no one ever stays dead on Gotham, and now this proves it. And all it took was a smattering of Bruce Wayne’s blood to undo death. I guess since Bruce Wayne killed Ghul, Bruce had to provide the means to raise him from the dead. And now that Ghul is a walking corpse, he needs to get the glowing hand thing transferred back to him, from Barbara, so he can fully animate.   But shocker, Barbara doesn’t want to give it back, because that will make her ordinary again.

I hope you’re following all the magic mumbo jumbo, because the episode was full of it. Now there is a Zombie Ninja roaming the streets of Gotham looking for Barbra. But she’s on the run with Tabitha, Selina, Bruce and Alfred. They are looking for the magic knife that killed Ra’s al Ghul the first time around, because that’s the only way to kill him again. At least that’s what they think, because they really have nothing to base this assumption on. But I guess the silver lining in this situation is that, since Ghul is no longer dead, Bruce is no longer a murdered. Whew! That’s a relief. I guess?

They retrieve the magic knife, but that’s not the end of things. Because now it’s a tug of war; Barbra thinks she has to use the knife on Zombie Ghul, to kill him, and jumpstart her Ra’s powers. And Bruce thinks he has to use the knife to kill Ra’s al Ghul, since his blood resurrected him in the first place. Selina is the tiebreaker, and she sides with Barbara, which pisses Bruce off. And when Bruce is upset, he gets pouty, and nobody wants that.

Barbara lights up her hand and Zombie Ra’s comes running. Well as fast as a Zombie can run. And Barbara was right, well sort of. She stabs Ra’s al Ghul with the magic knife, but he doesn’t die. This is Gotham after all. But it does unlock her Ra’s powers, and now she can see the future. You heard me right. And seeing how things will play out in the future really helps in a fight. Barbara almost beats zombie Ghul in a hand-to-hand battle. But she eventually surrenders, to save Tabitha’s life. She gives Ghul back his Ra’s powers, and that allows him to turn fully human again. He’s a Zombie no more…

Of course, being a friend, Bruce Wayne offers to kill Ra’s al Ghul again. But Ghul turns down his kind offer, choosing to stay alive. And he tells Bruce that he had a vision: The city will burn, and a Dark Knight will rise from the ashes. And big surprise, that Dark Night will be Bruce, if he survives. – Yeah, it’s a pretty on the nose Batman reference. – And word on the street is that the Gotham finale will be like a reboot for the series. So if Gotham does get a season five, things will be different. How different? We’ll just have to wait and see!

LAST WORD: Does Gotham need a reboot? God Yes! But is it too little too late? We’ll find out soon, because the renewal/cancellation news will be dropping soon. So Gotham will either live to see a brand new day, or end big… And in other news; Lee gets arrested for bank robbery – it was a Robin Hood move. She talked The Riddler into helping rob bad banks, and then gave the money to the poor in the Narrows…