Murder on the Orient Express Blu-ray

Murder on the Orient Express is a good looking film on Blu-ray. I’s full of dark moody lighting in individual cabins and ornate details of the train. Bright snow in the background is striking. It’s green screen but a detailed background. Bookend locations are stunning. 70mm transfers to digital flawlessly.

Deleted scenes are full of fun moments, character beats for Poirot and other passengers. You will want to see Kenneth Branagh in a girdle.

Bonus features give you a brief crash course in Agatha Christie and Poirot. The mustache gets its own soundbites. You get the production rundown of the set and train replica. They’re Laurent Bouzereau so they’re thorough, though perhaps not quite as thorough as a catalog classic since he had to capture material while they were filming.

Branagh and Michael Green’s commentary is full of details about Poirot’s character and making the film. Branagh is as interested in the screenplay as we are so he asks Green the right questions.