Blu- ray really brings out the bright colors of this suburban fantasy. Everyone is dressed colorfully and all the lawns are bright green in The ‘Burbs. The Klopeck house is full of decrepit detail. You can see the chipping paint and it’s a nice contrast with the perfect backlot neighborhood.

The main behind the scenes feature is over an hour long. Plus here are more individual interviews.

The alternate ending has a goofier reveal of Klopeck and omits the ambulance chase (and pizza dude crash which was my favorite part as a kid). It’s got some business with the neighbors making up with Ray that seems shoehorned in too.

I’m not a super fan enough to notice how the work print is different. It doesn’t have the visual effect opening zooming in on the Universal globe. It runs 105 minutes without credits And it’s surprisingly watchable. It’s not dirty. It’s soft but like a solid VHS.