This episode was much better than the last two: There was action, a little heart, and they finally got back to the whole World Killer Storyline that they’ve been building toward all season.

Pestilence is the third World Killer, and when she arrives, the city’s pigeons start dropping like flies. I know that sounds weird but I’m sticking with that analogy. Anyway! The real problem here isn’t that this new World Killer can infect everyone in the city with a killer virus called The Blight. The real problem is finding out who she is, and stopping her, because there is no cure. Or I should say that there is no cure right now, because both Winn and Alex get infected and we know that neither of them are going to die. So by episode’s end; we know that they’ll find Pestilence, get a sample of her infected blood, and engineer a cure. Because it’s Winn and Alex y’all.

So it’s Mon-el’s wife, Saturn Girl, versus Mon-el’s ex-girlfriend, Supergirl. Saturn Girl wants to kill Pestilence, to save millions from The Blight. While Supergirl wants to find Pestilence and hug it out, saving Pestilence as well as the millions. Does this scenario sound familiar to you too? – Because on The Flash, Barry and Ralph had the exact same conflict. And Ralph died because he elected to take Barry’s advice and gave peace a chance. – I guess that’s what happens when two shows share a creative team.   There’s a bit of redundancy. But Saturn Girl doesn’t cave and deals Pestilence a lethal blow. Which is a good thing, because during Supergirl’s attempts to talk it out, Supergirl gets scratched and comes down with The Blight.

But Pestilence doesn’t go down easy. And when Purity, her evil soul sister, shows up, she’s able to rebound from Saturn Girl’s attack and the two make their escape. But thanks to Saturn Girl, the good guys now have a sample of Pestilence’s DNA, and they engineer a cure that saves everyone from The Blight. But don’t do your happy dance just yet, because Pestilence and Purity break into Luthor Corp, freeing Reign. So now all three World killers are re-united, and ready to take on the world. Which I guess is why they are named the way they are. SO STAY TUNED.

LAST WORDS: I guess the producers were listening because they got rid of Brainy’s bad make-up and fright wig. Using an image inducer, Brainy supposedly ditched his alien appearance to fit in on Earth. So now he looks like a cooler version of the actor who plays him, and less like a bad cosplay freak… They also resolved the Saturn Girl/Supergirl conflict, allowing the two women to come together. So now they have respect for each other, and they don’t come off as immature teens having a catfight over Mon-el. Which is corner the producers seems to have painted themselves into; because if Mon-el leaves his wife for Supergirl, that will feel weird and wrong. But if Mon-el goes back to the future with Imra and Brainy, he’ll be abandoning Supergirl yet again. I can’t even guess how they plan to work this mess out…

Unless they plan on killilng Imra, or they inadvertantly change the future by stopping the World Killers, making it so that Mon-el and Imra never married….What’s your theory?   How do you think this story ends?

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