Black Panther Blu-ray Review

The visuals of Wakanda look great on Blu-ray. All the colors of the African costumes and locations stun in HD. You can see every grain of red sand in the ceremony. Seeing reproductions of comic book pages in HD in the bonus features never gets old either.

Bonus features pay attention to the actual African basis for some of the Wakandan tribes and sets. Not on an in-death criterion level but it’s represented.

The Black Panther writers and filmmakers roundtable reflects on the historical precedent of the comics and their evolution through the years. It’s probably basic to die hards but it’s all new to me. Ryan Coogler and the screenwriters chime in about their motivations with the adaptation. Food plays a vital artistic role.

There’s not a deleted scene I’d put back in but they’re not bad. There’s one preceding T’Challa revealing Wakandan technology to the UN where Ross cautions him against it. T’Challah is firm in his decision. An extra Daniel Kaluuya and Danai Gurira is automatically worth seeing because it exists. Chadwick Boseman and Forest Whitaker have a nice intimate moment. T’Chaka gets one more scene with young T’Challa too.

The 10 year retrospective includes people from the other movies too.

Coogler and production designer Hannah beachler give a full commentary. Coogler is a contagiously enthusiastic filmmaker you want to listen to talk for hours. He can go into more detail about things he brought up in the bonus features, and technical how to. Beachler covers the designs you want to know about but also plenty you might have taken for granted, like the Wakandan font and actually cooking barbecue on screen.