KRYPTON Review: Hope or Hopeless

KA-POW! That was my mind being blown, and not in a good way. General Zod just announced that Seg-el and Lyta are his parents! What the heck?! So Superman’s greatest enemy is his Uncle? Since when?! Let’s just hope that General Zod is lying, which is very possible. But he does open one of those blood locks with his own blood, and that’s only supposed to happen if he has El DNA as well as Zod DNA. So there you go. What purpose does this new twist on things serve? And who are Jor-el’s parents? Is it Seg-el and Nyssa-Vex? Does the kid they’re brewing in the genesis chamber get a name change?

And what’s happened to sweet little Lyta-Zod? She’s aligned herself with General Zod and turned against her Mother and Seg-el. Lyta said she believes in Seg, sealing the bond with some ill-timed sex, which I guess is what one does in a crisis. But when Seg wakes up she’s gone, and he’s been betrayed. Lyta and General Zod have gone to awaken Doomsday, the killing machine. Their plan is to set Doomsday free and hope it attacks Brainiac, before it kills everyone else. And then when Brainiac is vanquished, they’ll simply lock it up again, before it destroys all of Krypton. Easy-Peasy! But Seg and Jayna-Zod get to the monster first and move it, so Lyta and the General can’t find it.

General Zod isn’t happy, now that his plan has been foiled, and he challenges Jayna to the traditional death match. So if this guy is really who he says he is, he wants to kill his own Grandmother. Jayna accepts, because she doesn’t trust him, and they fight. And as you know, Jayna is a badass. But just as Jayna is about to kill General Zod, Lyta shoots her Mother in the back. Which is the coward’s play. And even General Zod recognizes that Lyta has crossed a line and robbed him of his honor. (The Zod’s are kind of like Klingons when it comes to battle and honor.) But Jayna escapes into the tunnels and is rescued by a man who may be her brother. Remember that she left her brother to die in the badlands when they were forced to battle as children.

Seg-el and Nyssa-Vex go after the Voice Of Rao. Brainiac has corrupted him, and they think they can defeat him now that he’s hurt. He got shot last week. Seg and Nyssa confront The Voice as he recharges himself on the energy used to generate the protective shield around the city. Seg is almost killed, but Nyssa deals the Voice a deadly blow that destroys the host body. It’s over! And Nyssa and Seg share an ill-timed passionate kiss. So I guess Lyta’s out and Nyssa is in. Kryptonians are fickle creatures. Unfortunately for the two new lovebirds, Brainiac is able to reconstitute himself without The Voice’s body, and he is reborn. Seg-el and Nyssa are forced to flee, as Brainiac, in all his green glory, disables the city’s shield, exposing the city to Krypton’s cold harsh environment. I guess you guys kissed too soon.

And that’s not the worst of it: Doomsday’s containment cell was damaged when Seg-el had it moved. And now Doomsday is about to awaken. So, while we learned that the house of El’s emblem means “HOPE.” Things are looking pretty darn Hopeless.  SO STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: There’s a lot going on, and there’s only one episode left. So, fingers-crossed, the series will be renewed, so they can address the mess that Krypton just stepped in. Because there is no way they can wrap everything up in one episode, which means there will probably be a hell of a cliffhanger coming next week…

And remember, we didn’t see Adam Strange of Kym at all: Seg thinks Adam is dead, though he’s actually in danger on another planet, possibly Earth. And Kym, obvious distraught, was shipped off to Krytonopolis after The Voice turned little Ona into a bomb. But bigger picture, for all us Superman fans; Superman’s cape is almost gone, which means that the Man of Steel may never be born. So Krypton needs a Season 2, at least!