SUPERGIRL: Adios Earth!

Remember that rock that Supergirl brought back from Argo City to defeat Reign? Well it worked! Within the first few minutes of the episode, they’re able to use the rock’s essence to separate the evil Reign from Sam, and banish that bad girl forever. Yeah, and if you believe that, with two episodes left this season, then you’re as clueless as Team Supergirl. But Sam reunites with her daughter Ruby, and they go about their lives as if nothing ever happened. And Supergirl, thinking that the World Killer has been killed, decides to leave Earth and go live with Mom in Argo City. Because truth be known, her loyalty to Earth was a big fake-out, and now that she’s got options, she’s dropping this rock like it’s Kryptonite.

And what about her cousin Superman? Did she bother to tell him that she discovered an entire floating city full of Kryptonians? We don’t know because they like to act like he doesn’t exist, even though he’s actually been on the show. Kara’s Mom would be his Aunt, so maybe he’d at least like to road-trip up there to meet her and see the place. But no, it’s easier to act like he doesn’t exist. Because then you’d wonder why he didn’t show to help fight the World Killers. Since they are threatening the entre world, which would include Metropolis. But alas, that’s the kind of shortsighted storytelling this show is known for. Remember how easily they abandoned Jeremiah Danvers’ storyline without resolving it.

Kara and Mon-el move to Argo City, where they are powerless. And Mon-el finally decides to finally tell Kara that he didn’t stay on Earth just to help defeat Reign, his wife actually kicked him to the curb. She left him in this timeline to figure his stuff out, because he’s been mooning over Supergirl since they arrived. So he has to choose: his wife or his ex-girlfriend? And looks like he’s chosen his ex-girlfriend. And surprisingly, Supergirl is a-ok with wrecking a marriage without giving it a second thought. I mean, shouldn’t she at least agonize a bit before making her own feelings the priority. But don’t fret, because the re-kindled romance is cut short when it becomes clear that Reign isn’t really gone, and some high-ranking Kryptonians in Argo City are behind her resurrection.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Olsen has climbed back up on his soapbox. This time around it’s school shootings and gun control. I don’t mind when points are made in a creative way that are appropriate for the show. But James’ anti-gun rants felt out of place, preachy, and too real for a comic book show. I wish they had gone about making their point in a clever, superhero appropriate way. It would have made the point more palatable to those with opposing views. Also, since Lena Luthor is pro-gun and James is anti-gun, this appears to be rocking their relation ship. Yeah, I went there on purpose.

So in next few episodes we’ll deal with the return of Reign, the bad Kryptonians, Hank’s Dad’s fatal illness, Alex’s maternal yearnings, and Supergirl’s future residence; Earth or Argo City?  So stay tuned…

LAST WORD:  It’s great to see Erica Durance, a former Lois Lane, as Kara’s Kryptonian Mom.  And it looks like they’re going to be giving her a lot more to do, which is a good thing.