Phantom Thread Blu-ray Review: On Fleek In HD

I’m a little late to my Oscar Blu-rays, but Phantom Thread joins The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and The Post as a fine example of 2017 cinema.

It’s great to see 70mm film represented in HD. It’s bright. The subtleties between natural, artificial and firelight are noticeable. The actors look like old time movie stars in this presentation. Grain makes every frame look like a living, breathing entity.

Camera tests show subtleties of different film stocks, lenses, lighting and makeup. They’re all gorgeous, emphasizing the kind of looks that only come with film. Some are a tad grainier. It’s the only 8 minutes you get Paul Thomas Anderson commentary too and it packs a lot in 8 min.

I can’t believe there are any deleted scenes in a PTA movie (since Boogie Nights) but here we get a five minute montage of more exquisite photography and subtle performance.

The House Of Woodcock Fashion Show is a two minute march of costumes with fun narration. 12 minutes of photo stills montage shows some black and white too. Know what, that would’ve looked great too. Maybe do a Mad Max Black and Chrome viewing with color off.