The Hurricane Heist Blu-Ray Review – Steal Magnificently

The Hurricane Heist is the kind of movie we need. Just think of an outrageous idea and do it. Rob Cohen totally delivered with this one, and people should have appreciated it in theaters. Also, Feist should’ve done the theme song so she could be The Hurricane Feist.

They built a whole American town in Bulgaria and looks lived in in HD. The Blu-ray maintains the blue tint of the stormy action. And all the detail of the destruction. There are lots of impressive frames full of rain, debris and fire lighting up the night simultaneously. The plants in the greenhouse scene stand out amid the blue storm.

Behind the scenes features reveal some of the set pieces, breaking down gimbles and green screen elements. It shows how prepared Cohen is and that’s how he can handle these massive productions. He knows his shit about meteorology too. Ryan Kwanten actually says in the bonus features “Breeze is… he’s a breezy guy.” I’m so glad he celebrates the character as we do.

A 23 minute interview with Cohen is really insightful on the evolution of the industry.

In his commentary, he’s very technical down to the live iPad hookups between two sets, and using real money, not newspaper stuffing. I love his intentional commitment to making Maggie Grace the action hero, not the two guys. You’ll probably be impressed how many of the set pieces were done practically, including a very close call for Kwanten.

2 deleted scenes are both the villain barking orders.

Treat yourself to the high concept action of The Hurricane Heist. It does literally everything you would want to see with a bank robbery in the middle of a hurricane.