THE INCREDIBLES 2: My 1st Impression

The Incredibles 2 is good, but not Incredible!  I saw it a few hours ago and its a fun ride, but it doesn’t quite have the WOW factor the first film had.  There are fun and funny moments throughout,  but there’s also a hint of a been-there-done-that factor that makes you wish the story had progressed a little, to get us past the familiar.  We pretty much pick up the story right where we left off fourteen years ago.  The superhero family is confronted by The mole-like UnderMiner, and they take care of business with their usual Incredible flair, but with no resolve.  Then they have to deal with the government anti-hero thing, again. And a mysterious millionaire hires  Elasti-girl , leaving Mister Incredible home with the kids.  Sound familiar?  BUT, and it’s a big one, the movie is fun and funny, and the enthusiastic crowd I saw it with  really heightened the experience.  So check it out!!!