Oliver is in prison, and he has been for five months.  And if you don’t believe me, he’s got the scars to prove it.  (Yeah, just what Oliver needs, more scars) Being locked up with a lot of the bad guys he fought as Green Arrow, has definitely made him a target.  But Oliver’s a fighter, even if he tells Diggle otherwise.  Black Siren seems to have taken up the mantle of Laurel Lance pretty well after Quentin’s death.  And the rest of the team has been on superhero hiatus.  But I’m guessing that will change when The Evil brood known as The Longbow Hunters hit town.  And Diaz is still alive, so he’s out for revenge. Will he be going after Felicity and Oliver’s son?  I bet Oliver will break out of prison if that happens… Will John Diggle become the new Green Arrow?  And Roy Harper’s back, without Thea.  His name’s been cleared, remember.  Will he become Arsenal?  Check out the trailer below…


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