GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOLUME 3: Yanked From Marvel’s Schedule.

Guardians 3 has been delayed indefinitely, but don’t blame Thanos and his infamous finger snap.  Those inappropriate jokes that James Gunn made almost a decade ago are the culprit.  He got fired right before Comic-Con, causing a King Kong-sized controversy, that as it turns out, is the gift that keeps on giving.  Since Gunn had also written the script, it was up in the air if that was also gone with the wind.  Which would be a problem since they were scheduled to begin shooting that script in early 2019. What a mess!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Guardians 3 has been pulled from it’s release schedule.  But the news isn’t all bad.  The film has not been cancelled, just placed on hold until Marvel and Disney does some “regrouping.”  The film, already in pre-production, is reportedly releasing crew members so they can find other jobs. That’s not good news.  But Marvel/Disney won’t let a successful franchise just blink out of existence. Things may be chaotic now, but you can bet big box office dollars that they are working toward a solution.  It just might take a while.