The plot for this movie is almost exactly the same as the plot for that ‘Christopher Robin’ movie, but better.  The kid from the original story has grown up bitter and hopeless, due to some very tragic circumstances, and his children are paying the price.  But thankfully, a bit of nostalgic Disney magic arrives just in time to rekindle his imagination, and his inner child. And somehow that saves the day.  Yeah, that did just happened to Christopher Robin, in a film that came out a few scant weeks ago. But now that it’s happening to Michael Banks in Mary Poppins Returns, it’s bigger, brighter, and comes with 2D animation and musical numbers.  So it looks a lot cooler.

This is not a reboot! It’s a straight-up sequel.  And like sequels usually do, this appears to revisit events that people adored in the original.  Check out the trailer.  It’s all very familiar, but in a good way.

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