Here’s my ultra-short Arrow Review; PRISON SUCKS!!!  Okay, I’ll delve a little deeper. Oliver outed himself as Green Arrow to get Diaz.  But Diaz is still free, and going after Felicity and William.  And some of Oliver’s nastier foes are there in Prison with him, and aching for revenge.  Which is why someone should have told Oliver not to let his guard down while taking long hot showers.  Actually, there are two reasons that you don’t.  But this is television, so there was only an ambush and beat-down, not the other thing.


Oliver’s been in Prison five months. But Oliver, who had been trying to avoid conflict, ends up fighting the prison punks, and becomes the new alpha by episode’s end.  And he even has a prison sidekick.   And the rest of Team Arrow are trying to keep their noses clean, so they don’t lose their legal immunity and end up in prison with Oliver.  But a new vigilante hits town slinging arrows and wearing the hood.  But if it’s not Oliver or Diggle, who is it?  – It was a good episode.  And as promised, it was dark and action packed.



In a twist I definitely did not see coming, the new Green Arrow turns out to be Roy Harper.  And before you say ‘this isn’t a twist because we all knew Roy Harper was coming back to Arrow’.  I’ll tell you that this version of Roy Harper is about ten+ years older, and he was recruited by a grown-up version of William, Oliver’s son.  What, What!!!  Nothing is explained this episode, but I’m guessing some sort of time travel scenario.  Here’s how the reveal went down:  At the end of the episode, we see the adult William, still a bit wimpy, taking a boat to Oliver’s Island, Lian Yu.  And there, training on that island, is the older version of Roy Harper. So this is for sure setting ‘something’ in motion that will be revealed in future episodes.


MY LAST WORDS: Did the adult version of William send Roy Harper back in time to stop something tragic from happening?  And why is Roy training to be a badass on Lian Yu?  Did something bad happen to Thea? And lastly, did adult William come back from the future with Roy? Cause that would totally mirror The Flash, where Barry and Iris just met their adult daughter from the future.  I guess we have to wait and watch to find out what’s really happening and why.