The unsubstantiated rumor is that Henry Cavill will no longer be playing Superman. At least that’s the rumor that’s making the rounds again today, but it is just a rumor and not a fact. Though its all pretty much a mute point, because the bigger tragedy today is that, apparently, Warner Bros has no plans to make another Superman film.  (Any time soon) So it doesn’t matter who’s in or out as the star of a nonexistent movie franchise.

But take heart, Warner Bros claims to still have a good relationship with Cavill, and they aren’t seeking a replacement Superman just yet.  So, if things change and a Superman film makes it back onto the production slate, there’s still a chance Cavill could don the cape and tights again.  People do like him.  But the big bummer here isn’t about Cavill, it’s  that WARNER BROS SIDELINED SUPERMAN! – There is no Man Of Steel 2 on the horizon, and that’s a sad world to live in.


NOTE: The DC Cinematic Universe is so topsy-turvy anything’s possible, even a turn-around regarding a Superman film. So lets put a pin in all this and check back once Aquaman premieres.  Because undoubtedly, its success or failure will change Warner Bros outlook on developing new and ongoing superhero properties.