Okay y’all, The Flash this week was okay.  It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great.  It was just a little boring. Both Cisco and Caitlin shouldn’t be troubled and mopey at the same time.  That’s just too much unnecessary angst for one episode.  Caitlin is trying to figure out if she wants to see her dad; “Boo Hoo, what if he doesn’t want to see me.” And Cisco is mooning way-too-hard over Gypsy, months after the break-up; “Boo Hoo, everything reminds me of her.”  And they are both depending on comic-relief Ralph to help them. That’s a stretch.  See what I did there…

Cicada, The Big Bad, is killing Meta-humans with his magic lightning-shaped dagger, which slices and dices, and also nullifies meta-human powers.  In fact, Cicada almost kills The Flash, but when he sees Nora in her XS gear he backs off for some reason, like he recognizes her.  And speaking of Nora, she’s so desperate to make a good impression she’s messing things up.  But after Papa Joe has a talk with future Papa Barry, then The Flash has a talk with XS,  everything is straightened out.  Though Nora is still giving Iris the stink eye, which I’m sure they’ll address in a future episode.

The freak of the week was pretty much a common thief. She went to prison a normal human, but came out with meta-human Powers. How did that happen? I guess we’ll find out.  Iris is a reporter again, so maybe she’ll run down this mystery. Barry is back with the CCPD, and Captain Singh, which is cool. And Nora joins the department as an intern, no background check necessary . As for Detective Joe West, he’s on maternity leave, dealing with the new baby and new Mom Cecile, who’s lost her powers.

MY LAST WORDS: The Flash needs to be fun, and the show should get back to that.  Caitlin was on a quest to find her inner Killer Frost, and she needs to get back to that. We like Killer Frost.  And Cisco needs to stop mourning his lost relationship so hard.  Glimpses of his feelings of loss would work better than the complete emotional break down he’s displaying this episode. They play the drama so big it doesn’t feel real.   And speaking of Cisco and loss, the title of next weeks episode is; “The Death Of Vibe”.  What’s that all about?  And looks like we finally get another Wells.  And it’s Sherlock Wells this time.


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