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People got really mad at me when I joked that Skyscraper was Die Hard in a building, but I meant it as a compliment. It did right by Die Hard and was Dwayne Johnson’s best solo movie. It’s also amazing how quickly it is available on Blu-ray. I had to wait nearly a year to watch Die Hard at home.

Skyscraper is a great looking Blu Ray, set mostly at night with bright city lights and flames rising up the Pearl. HD really works for the height effect because when you’re looking down from hundreds of floors up, you can still see the detail far below.

In deleted scenes, even still photos in police HQ are blank and added later. I knew video screens were but wow they don’t even take photos anymore. The extended opening is a different movie really, a much more serious one. Extended scenes add a tad more action. 

Universal’s M.O. seems to be lots of short extras, four min or less. Johnson is in all of them fully enthusiastic about each facet of Skyscraper.

Rawson Marshall Thurber gives a good director’s commentary. He also says “Die Hard in a building” so I feel validated, and also mentions the Cliffhanger influence you may have missed. He’s a fan of commentary so he approaches it as sharing filmmaking theory and practice with potential aspiring filmmakers.