Tonight’s Supergirl looked back at the events that made Agent Liberty an anti-alien terrorist.  It was an episode filled with fear, hate,racism, and hopelessness. And after the real hate-crime that happened in Pittsburg this weekend, it made for a hard watch.

In a nod to the ‘Batman v Superman’ film, this episode revisits the alien attacks that happened on Supergirl, from the innocent bystander’s point of view.  The homes that were lost and the lives that were changed, or lost. Also in this new reality, Aliens live openly among us and they are taking our jobs.  The episode painted a bleak picture.  So when Mercy and Otis recruit Agent Liberty, he’s more than willing to sign up and kill the ‘invaders’. Because it’s to save America.

MEANWHILE; Supergirl was in a coma the entire episode, dying because the Earth’s atmosphere has somehow been infused with kryptonite. And I say ‘somehow’ because supposedly, a tiny little hand-held device developed by Lena Luthor, accomplished the impossible task in less than 30 seconds.  But luckily, Lena Luthor shows up to help.  And she has this other tiny little hand-held device, and it CGI expands to envelop Supergirl in this ridiculous looking scuba suit, which she’ll supposedly have to stay in forever.  And yes, I HATED THIS EPISODE!

Here’s next weeks promo trailer…


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