THE FLASH Ep.4: Quick Review & Promo Trailer

In this week’s episode we finally found out why Nora is so upset with her Mom Iris. Future Iris implants a devise in Nora that suppresses her powers. And she didn’t know she was a speedster until six months ago, when she found the device and had it removed. That’s why she has very little experience as the speedster XS.  We don’t know why future Iris did it yet, because explanations are strung out on this show. We’re still waiting to hear what’s up with Caitlin’s dad, who apparently faked his own death, or got kidnapped.  And they don’t even mention him this episode.  Also, is the thing that they dug out of Nora connected to the thing that Cicada uses to suppress his victim’s powers? Because when he saw XS for the first time, Cicada ran away for some reason.

Meanwhile; Barry and XS fight a bad girl with a meta-cellular phone.  Apparently, reality has been altered, and now dark mater can infuse with inanimate objects, giving powers to whoever uses the object. So you don’t have to be a meta-human anymore to have powers.  You can use an object with powers, and commit your crimes that way.  So by episode’s end, The Flash catches the girl with the Super Cell Phone, and puts her in prison.  And we also learn that Barry Allen sucks at Baseball.  And Ralph is a pretty good detective.  The episode was okay, nothing special.  Even Cisco took the night off.  But it did move the story along, but not at super speed.     .