MIND GAMES:  This episode was lite on action and heavy-handed when it came down to the psychological stuff.  Oliver went all medieval on the prison guards last week, to get sent down to Level 2.  But instead of meeting the Demon, or getting info on Diaz, he got subjected to  mind altering techniques, right out of ‘A Clockwork Orange’. And it looks like Oliver may have lost his edge, becoming a little mellow yellow by episode’s end.  But don’t count on it lasting long.  By next episode I’m sure he’ll be dishing out an anti-Diaz beat-down where needed.  And hopefully, he’ll finally get his meet-and-greet with The Demon.

Meanwhile; Felicity is going through her own little mental break, as she explores the dark side.  Felicity teams up with Black Siren, to torture the Longbow Hunter she has locked up like an animal.  And Felicity steps way over the line,  prompting Black Siren to become the voice of reason for possibly the first time ever.   But Felicity is determined to stop Diaz, and straight-up murder is NOT off the table.  So now Felicity and Black Siren are working together to track down Diaz, well-aware that they’ll have to kill him to stop him.   And the new mysterious Green Arrow shows up, saves Wild Dog’s daughter, and helps the SSPD find an arson ring. Who is he/she?

FLASH FORWARD: To Future Roy and William in post apocalyptic Star City.  They meet Future Black Canary, Wild Dog’s grown vigilante daughter, and they also find out that Felicity is supposedly dead.  That’s a lot to process. While  everyone, including us, wonders how Star City got so jacked-up, and how that relates to what’s happening in present day.  It was an okay episode for sure, but a little boring.  STAY TUNED!!!



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