This episode of Supergirl was a lot better than the past few episodes, showing us a little hope and positive personal growth. Both Alex and Hank learned to settle into their new roles a bit better.   As the head of the D.E.O., Alex was letting the weight of that world crush her, but then Hank helps her to have faith in herself and her abilities.  And in return, Alex helps Hank realize that he can still be a hero, without busting heads, keeping true to the man his father wanted him to become.  Nice going guys!  And I really like that they have amped their Father/daughter-like relationship.  And Lena helped Brainy deal with an onslaught of new human emotions, that seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  She teaches him to suppress and ignore them.  Which doesn’t sound all that healthy, but it helped Brainy deal in the here and now.

And as for the Girl of Steel, Brainy and Lena figured out a way to scrub all of the kryptonite out of the atmosphere.  And just in the nick of time too.  It freed up Supergirl, allowing her to help Alex and the D.E.O. stop Otis and Mercy Graves.  And though they didn’t say, I think they are back in prison.  We also met Manchester Black this episode, and he was pretty much a helpful good guy.  But his fiancee, who had been a hostage of Mercy, Otis and Agent Liberty, died in his arms. Which may have pushed him over o the dark side.  And we also see the birth of the Parasite, via parasite.  Agent Liberty lets an alien parasite slither into a guy’s ear.  And that guy becomes “The Parasite”, a super-villain with the ability to absorb the powers/energy of anyone he comes in contact with. (The Parasite is usually a ‘Superman’ villain)

Check out the promo for next week, entitled ‘Parasite Lost’…

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