FANTASTIC BEASTS TCOG: My 1st Impression Review

THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD:  I will try to be spoiler-free here, but read at your own risk:  1st things 1st, there is no after-the-credits scene. Hope that’s not an unwanted spoiler.



This go-round, things get a lot darker.  Which made it less fun for me.  There are more spells and bigger special effects, but it lacks whimsy and wonder.  And though it has a huge cast,  many aren’t given much to do. Yeah I’m looking at you Dumbledor, Trina, Nagini and Credence.  Also, a couple of the returning regulars aren’t as likable as they were in the first movie. And Jacob and Queenie just randomly show up at Newt’s door uninvited, for no apparent reason. Think ‘motivation’ J.K. Rawlings. It’s a thing!

I am giving the film a wavering THUMBS UP, even though J.K. is a better author than screenwriter. This film’s storyline is all over the place, lacking focus and character development, but that may be because it’s serving a larger overall vision. Regardless, when you’re sitting in that dark theater gazing at a huge IMAX screen,  you want to see a well-told story in the here-and-now.  At least I do. And that didn’t happen.

BUT, and here’s why I am giving it an upward thumb, it does occasionally deliver on the ‘Harry Potter’ feels.  There are a lot of Easter Eggs from the original film series that made me smile. Plus the visuals are impressive. And it sets up the third film in the series in an interesting way. And more Dumbledor involvement is almost guaranteed…

What did you think?  Sound off, but please do NOT post huge spoilers!