GOOD EPISODE:  It was pretty much a complete ‘Battle-Royale’.  Diaz breaks into prison to kill Oliver, the prison guards, and whoever gets in his way.  So Oliver teams up with Bronze Tiger, to save the doomed guards, and bring down Diaz.  Stanley turns out to be a psycho serial killer.  He attacks Oliver and then fatally stabs Brick before escaping through the morgue.  But we’ll for sure see sinister little Stanley again.  And in the final brutal and bloody battle, which ends in Oliver’s old cell, Oliver Queen finally beats Diaz.

Then Oliver, all beat-up and blood-soaked,  walks out of prison and into Felicity’s arms.  They kiss.  Diggle is there too, but they don’t kiss. In fact, if you watch the scene carefully, Diggle straight-up disappears.  Which I think is only a continuity error, because we see Diggle in next week’s promo.  So obviously he wasn’t spirited away by a bad guy…

So all’s well that ends well.  Oliver’s out of prison and Diaz is in prison. (I don’t think he’s dead) And for now, everything is right with the world. There were no flash forwards or new Green Arrow sightings this week.  And even Team Arrow was completely absent, making it an all-out Oliver brawl the entire hour, which was amazing.


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