GOOD EPISODE: Manchester Black tracks down Agent Liberty, Lockwood,  and tries to kill him, threatening his wife too.  Remember that Manchester’s fiancee was killed, so it’s kind of an eye-for-an-eye thing.  But thanks to Nia’s new dream powers, Supergirl and Brainy are able to stop Manchester, expose Lockwood, and bring him to justice.  Nia is an alien, and her dreams are cryptic visions of the future.  And luckily, with Brainy’s help, she’s able to harness her abilities in time to save Lockwood and his wife.  (DC Comics: Nia is a version of Dream Girl, or Dreamer)

Unfortunately, Lockwood’s defeat and arrest only serve to make him a martyr for the ugly anti-alien faction.  And they rally behind him, even though he’s in prison.  And now that his identity’s been exposed, he challenges Supergirl to reveal her true identity as well.  A sentiment echoed by the idiot President, who’s more concerned with his poll numbers than what’s actually going on.  So when Supergirl refuses to reveal her secret identity, he fires her from the D.E.O… But correct me if I’m wrong, I thought that agents of the D.E.O already know Supergirl’s identity…  Anyway, Supergirl flies off, no longer a member of the D.E.O.  And next week, the crossover begins…

Here’s the sneak peek..

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