Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is a fun Christmas slasher movie. Don’t worry if you didn’t see the first one because the first 39 minutes of this is flashbacks to the first movie. So you’ll see all the good kills, and all the new ones in the second half.

Scream Factory used their HD master of Silent Night 1 for the flashbacks. When it comes to the new material, it still looks good. It’s perfectly clear and bright and still looks like film. The flashbacks look more restored but the wraparounds and second half would look good on their own. It’s funny to notice when the flashback dissolves to the new material, it noticeably goes down a generation.

The behind the scenes feature on Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is 74 minutes, nearly twice the amount of new footage they shot for the actual film! Director Lee Harry explains how it ended up reusing the first movie. Scream queen Elizabeth Kaitan is still very enthusiastic and lively discussing her audition and making the movie. It really walks through scene by scene with actors recounting playing victims and Eric Freeman on killing them.

The commentary with Harry, Freeman and James Newman still have more stories to tell, and some more details about the familiar ones.

Another full hour with Chris Biggs goes through his whole career in makeup. So you get stories from Roger Corman movies, Saturday the 14th, Ghoulies, Mausoleum. early attempts on Ghost Rider, Toxic Crusaders, Critters, Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Friday the 13th 6, Teen Wolf, Goonies, scandalous politicking on Disney’s Dinosaur, Reign Of Fire, unmade Disney movies, Bulletproof Monk, theme park attractions,

The locations look similar today and I was surprised to learn a scene was filmed at Ribs USA. I drive by Ribs USA most days, although I’ve only eaten there once. Never again.

Freeman gets to play Ricky again in a new seven minute short. He joins Christopher Lloyd among actors who reprised their roles 30 years later for bonus features. I mean, if they had him do an interview and revisit the locations so why not? He gives an intense, mature performance so hopefully it’ll do something for his career. As well the trailer to his documentary Finding Freeman, I’m ready for his comeback.