Smallfoot Blu-ray Review: Yeti Nother HD Marvel

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Smallfoot was a great new animated film this year that created a new world of mountaintop yetis that I hope we get to revisit in more movies. It also had a great message about misperceptions and questioning authority so I hope more families discover it on Blu-ray.

The mountaintop word of the yetis sparkles with paste shading on the white snow and yeti fur. It’s very colorful. This isn’t an animated Fargo. You can see all the texture of ice and rocks and fur. Ice is the most spectacular with shiny reflections, texture and blue glow.

Super Soozie is a cute short, essentially a two minute silent film, with gorgeous purple sky and blue ice. Migo in The Secret Of the Yeti Stones is a storyboarded animatic. It looks like an alternate opening introduction but then it seems to summarize the whole movie.

The actual making of featurette is only six minutes but it’s where the actors and filmmakers speak. Three music videos are good, letting you jump right to your favorite songs and providing some footage of the singers too. My favorite is the montage of 28 different translations of “Wonderful Life.”

Promotional materials include essentially five more 30 second short films. It could be the “turn off your cell phones” movie theater bumper, a mangonada recipe (Migonada for Smallfoot) or some short animation illustrating some of the confusion between yetis and humans.