GOTHAM’S BACK: Thursdays Just Got Weird

GOTHAM came back for it’s final season looking like a TV Version of the 1981 film “Escape From New York”.  While THE ORVILLE was all about porn addiction, alien-style. Thursdays just got weird, but not in a bad way. And while this is about Gotham, I have this to say about The Orville: I’m still not sure if it’s an homage to Star Trek TNG with a Seth Macfarlane twist, or a straight-up spoof.  But I’m onboard.

MEANWHILE IN GOTHAM: With Gotham’s bridges gone, it’s basically a twisted island of misfit toys.  Each over-the-top Bat-Villain has his/her burg, which they run and defend. While the Gotham Police try and protect the innocents that are caught in the crossfire.  For some reason people aren’t allowed in or out of Gotham.  And while I kind of understand why people aren’t allowed to go into Gotham, since it’s now a war zone. I don’t know why the innocents aren’t allowed to leave.

Gotham deaths:  The Riddler is alive again, but a little mentally disturbed.  And we haven’t seen Lee, who died last season, when she and Ed stabbed each other.  But if he’s back then maybe she will be too. We’ll have to wait and see.  Selina, now paralyzed, tries to kill herself but doesn’t succeed. And Penguin kills Tabitha, which really pisses off Barbara. And since this is a short season, and the series finally, I doubt Tabitha will come back from the dead.  But you never know with Gotham.

Did I like Gotham’s season five premiere?  I guess so.  It’s all about chaos now, and dark weirdness.  Bruce is going to find the ‘witch’ that can heal Selina. So anything’s possible in this new post-apocalyptic-like city.  But for me, the hardest thing to wrap my head around isn’t witches,  it’s Bruce as a Badass.  He’s trying to play it tough, but I still don’t buy it.  I just hope I don’t get the giggles when I finally see him in the Bat-Suit.