SUPERGIRL: Ep.10 Quick Review & Promo

This week’s Supergirl was forgettable!  Actually, what I mean is that everyone at the DEO who knows Supergirl is Kara Danvers volunteers to have that memory erased, to protect her secret identity.  The President’s new overseer is trying to get all up in Supergirl’s business, as a means to control her.  SO, to thwart her evil scheme, Martian Manhunter is called in to do the voluntary mind wipe. Now, no one at the DEO knows that Kara is Supergirl, not even Alex.  Yikes!  How’s that going to work?  Alex’s memories run deep.  And if you check out the promo for next week, you’ll see that the massive memory wipe comes with complications. (Brainy can temporarily memory wipe himself)